Setters Sports Volleyball Rules – 2009


General Rules:


  1. No unattended children are allowed on the courts during matches.  No children in the bar unless accompanied by an adult.
  2. Please No Smoking on the courts.  Please do not extinguish cigarettes in the sand.
  3. League Fees are due the first week of play. 
  4. Team Rosters are due by the end of the third week of play.
  5. No food or drink is allowed to be brought in.  Setters will provide food and drink at reasonable prices.


Coed 6’s Volleyball Rules:


  1. Three Games per Match.  Rally scoring to 21 points, must win by 2 points with a 23 point cap.
  2. Please do not take excessive breaks between games.  Each match is allotted 1 hour of time.
  3. Each team is permitted two (2) timeouts per game, no timeouts when ten minutes or less is remaining in the 1 hour allotted time.
  4. Net Serves are legal.
  5. “Coed Hit Rule” is in Effect.  If more than one hit on your side of the net, one of the hits must be by a female.
  6. You may “Not” enter another court to play a ball.  Momentum into another court after hitting a ball is not permitted.  The only exception is when the adjacent court has no matches being played.
  7. Players may cross under the net provided they do not interfere with opponents play.
  8. No attacking or blocking a serve.    
  9. Players can “set” the serve as long as it is a clean hit.  For coed 6’s this is very lenient.
  10. When digging a hard-driven spike or block, it can be double-hit and momentarily lifted. Open hand digs are okay.  The serve is never considered a hard-driven spike regardless of its velocity.
  11. Coed 6 teams must rotate position and serve.  A guy and a girl can “switch” positions in the front row after the ball leaves the server’s hand.
  12. Back row players cannot block or spike a ball.  If a back row player has to hit a “front row” ball, do not leave your feet and you will not be called for a foul.
  13. Blocking does not count as a hit.  If a blocked ball still comes on your side of the net, you still have 3 hits.
  14. In blocking, a blocker may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that he/she does not interfere with the opponent’s play, before or during the latter’s attack-hit (USAV Rule 18.3).  Note you cannot spike a ball after it has broken the plane of the net!!
  15. Teams consist of 3 guys and 3 girls.  You cannot play with 2 more guys than girls (i.e. 4 guys and 2 girls, you can play with as many girls on the team as you like – 5 girls and 1 guy is permissible).  You can play with 3 guys and 2 girls (or 2 guys and 2 girls) but the coed hit rule, back row blocking/spiking rule, and rotation rules still apply.  With 5 players you have 3 front row players and 2 back row players.  With 4 players, you have 3 front row players and 1 back row player.