Fall volleyball session is schedule to start the first week of August 2023. Some games will not start until the third week because of rian outs.

 If you want to sign up a team email with this information.

  1. What league (coed 6’s, women quads, men quads, coed quads)
  2. What level (Low. Medium. High)
  3. What night
  4. Contact person with phone number and email address
  5. Team name

League fee is going up 5 dollars per person. You can still get in for 270 for coed 6’s and 180 for quads if paid before the session starts. After the session starts fees will be 300 for coed 6’s 200 for quads.

All fees must be paid by second week are your team will be removed from schedule in the third week of season.

$300.00 – coed 6’s

$200.00 – all quads

Fees are payable online (instructions on web site below) or you can stop by SETTERS & pay in person, at the table to CW. When paying inside text or email a copy to with team name and captain name on receipt.

Email: to register your team

League fees paid by end of week 1:

4's - $180, 6's - $270

League fees paid after week 1:

4's - $200, 6's - $300

Note: Captains are responsible for team league fees.

Teams seeking players and players seeking teams - Please join our Facebook group Setters Dayton Volleyball Players!



Leagues will not be cancelled due to rain! We will cancel due to lightning or heavy storms!

No Decisions to cancel will be made prior to 6:00 P.M. Note: we will only be contacting Team Captains for cancellations, please contact your captain to see if leagues are cancelled!

Chris Rike

League Administrator/Scheduler


(937) 270-6479



Clarence Walker (CW)
League Coordinator

(937) 270-6479

Team Registration          Email:

Internet Access Not Available

Coed 6’s
Monday through Friday
$300 per team

Coed 4’s
Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri
$200 per team

Men 4’s & Women 4’s
Tuesday, Thursday
$200 per team

Include with registration Captain name and contact phone #

List the level of play your team desires: Beginners, Just for fun, Somewhat Competitive, Competitive, Very Competitive

Open Court Availability:

  • Note That Leagues Play Monday Thru Friday 6:30 until 930 or 10:30 pm.
  • Courts are Available For Open Play at $10.00 per court starting at  1:00 pm until 6:00 pm and after 9:30 pm or 11:30 pm Monday thru Friday.
  • Must be 21 Years Old for Open Play after 10:30 pm weekdays!!
  •  $10.00 per court during  Open Play until 11:30.
  • Saturday & Sunday you must be 21 Years old after 8 pm for open play.
  • Note Saturday & Sunday Tournaments will begin in April, Open Play is dependent upon number of Tournament Teams!!

Court Rental is $10.00 a hour per court

Now Accepting Cash App Or Venmo

$Setters1008 (Cash App) or @Setters-Volleyball (Venmo)

On the For Line put Day, Leauge, Captain Name, Team Name or Both. Example (Th,Wom4.1, Clarence Walker or Use 2 Beezz)

Credit card payment can be made at the bar.

Please call or text (937) 270-6479 or email with any questions or concerns.